The BusCom Ball – A Night to Remember

Well, what a night! The festivities kicked off at around 5pm when those dedicated enough arrived for those special sunset photos overlooking Merewether beach. It wasn’t until around 6pm that the masses began to arrive as the sun set, hand in hand, looking as fine as James Bond and Octopussy themselves.

Upon entering the Merewether Surfhouse, it was like walking into a scene right out of Casino Royale, with casino chips littering the tables and a roulette wheel against the far wall. Guests began to drink and laugh, and before we knew it, entrees were lining the tables.

As the night progressed, so did the good times. People flocked to the dedicated photo-booth using all the props they could find, while others put it all on red at the roulette table. I think most of us are glad they were fake chips!

Mains and desert came and went and with them a few more beverages, before the DJ began to turn up the heat. Before long we were wishing we’d provided a bigger dance floor as 100+ people gained the confidence to get down and boogie.

In what seemed like only a matter of minutes the clock struck eleven and the beer taps were turned off. But that didn’t stop the crowd!

The DJ kept the bangers flowing and the party continued right up to the chime of 11:30pm. By this stage there were 190 sad faces with no one wanting the night to end. And why would you? Good tunes, good vibes and good friends all celebrating that (questionably) hard work we do called university.

Thank you to all that attended such a special night this year, with a special thanks to Jordyn – our Exec Director of Social Events – for almost singlehandedly making this event possible. We hope to see you all again next year!