Your Hire Purpose

How important is your degree when applying for a job? Which jobs are in high demand and what kind of job should you aim for after graduating? How do you impress a potential employer without ‘tooting your own horn’? These are all questions that were answered at BusCom’s latest professional event, ‘Your Hire Purpose’.

On Thursday 11th May, a friendly group of students and professionals alike gathered at the stunning ‘Dash’ co-working space in the busy commercial hot-spot of Charlestown. The impressive setting played the perfect host as attendees enjoyed some light canapes and a warming beverage. After some informal introductions and a wee bit of chit chat, guests were invited to equip themselves with another drink and a pen and paper before making themselves comfortable while our speakers for the night were welcomed.

Newcastle’s very own Michelle Crawford was the first to speak and began by asking the crowd a few questions about what they would like to get out of the night. Michelle is the founder and Chief conversationalist at Being More Human, a HR consulting company who believe that people are a firm’s most precious resource and that a business’ quest for efficiencies must not dilute the value of their human resources. Michelle offered an insight into the world of HR including some helpful tips when looking for a job, “It is much like looking for a man really, before Tinder was available”. Her analogy was continued by stating “some options are not for the long term and are stepping stones to your end goal”. As well as some helpful dating advice, Michelle left the audience with a well-rounded idea on what employers are looking for and how to shape your image to meet their need. With so many students wanting to know more, the audience were asked to hold any more questions until the end.

Guests were then treated to an encapsulating presentation from the delightful Alli Baker. Alli is the CEO and co-founder of Workible – an online platform to link job seekers with job providers. Alli is also involved in the Jobs Agenda – an initiative to unleash the potential of Australia’s workforce by tackling the challenges that hold people back from getting work. Some of the stand out points from Alli’s talk included an insight of what types of jobs are in greatest demand around the Newcastle region and how to find the jobs that will help in the development of your end goal and dream career.

Following Alli’s presentation, the floor was then opened for questions, of which there was no short of supply. Each question became more and more relevant to students nearing graduation and all were pleased by the helpful advice that Alli and Michelle were able to provide.

Guests were incredibly humbled by the presence of two successful women in a growing industry of technological change. BusCom would like to thank both Alli and Michelle for contributing their precious time to share some wisdom at ‘Your Hire Purpose’.

A huge thank you also to ‘Dash’ for hosting our event on Thursday. If you are a small-business owner or looking to begin a start-up, do yourself a favour and check out ‘Dash’ – A functional co-working centre which boasts 450 square metres of innovation-inspiring office space with a range of options available to suit any small business, or innovative purpose.

You can also browse the photos from ‘Your Hire Purpose’ on BusCom’s facebook page!