AGM Nominations

Here are the requirements needed to nominate for the BusCom board 2017/2018. All position descriptions are here listed below; and will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting on the 9th August 2017.  All board positions will be made vacant at the end of the AGM.

Please note that nominations close on the 8th August at 6pm sharp.

-       All voting at the AGM will be anonymous.

-       Nominations will start with the President and work their way through until the Director of International Student Relations.

-       Can nominate for as many positions that you want, however you can only get elected for 1 position.

-       Have to be a full time student.

-       Have to be a BusCom Member.

-       Have to be able to serve on the BusCom Board for the next 12 months.

Any questions or queries please email:


Vice President




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Social Events

Student Relations



Local Sponsorship


International Student Relations


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