Ryan is in his third year of a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, Accounting & Leadership and Management. He has a passion for how strategic finance and investment shapes cities, such as Newcastle. He loves seeing this transformation across the region and is excited to help students play a role in this. Ryan wants to support others and inspire their passion, to make the most of their time at university, whether through travel, new friends, networks or ideas. Don't forget to say “hi” if you see him on campus, there's always time for coffee!

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Vice President - Rory Duff

Rory is in his third year of a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree. Majoring in International Business as well as Leadership and Management, he has a passion for transitioning companies across country and culture. Back home he loves to get involved with the start-up ecosystem around Newcastle.

Rory has had the opportunity to intern in multiple start-ups and travel overseas with UoN, and now he wants to support a new cohort of students to seize opportunities that university can offer, to better their university experience and enhance their career readiness.

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Lukas is currently studying combined Laws with Commerce, majoring in Economics. He enjoys live music as well as discovering new locations around Newcastle to appreciate. Lukas aims to create a welcoming and friendly environment at the university, so make sure to have a chat if you see him about! 



SECRETARY - robyn fox

Robyn is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics. Robyn is passionate about equity, economics and authenticity. Her goal on the BusCom board is to help ensure the team creates an impact at UoN, and in Newcastle. When she isn’t studying to maximise her utility, Robyn loves playing with her dogs, learning, trying new things and drinking copious amounts of coffee. If you see her around say hi, she’s always up for coffee and a chat!



Tenzin is a second year Bachelor of Business student majoring in Marketing, and a first year Bachelor of Law student. She is eager to take on this role and create engaging content for members, as well as, further develop her skills in the marketing area of her degree. Tenzin is always excited about the prospect of travelling and discovering new places.


Professional Events - julia weber

Julia is in her final year of the combined Business/Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Leadership & Management. She is passionate about empowering young people to take control of their financial futures, and is a student ambassador for the Greater Bank/University of Newcastle Finance Lab where she teaches financial literacy. Julia is also a student representative of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and heavily involved with the Australian chapter of Singularity University. Julia hopes to contribute to the UoN community through the BusCom Board by facilitating engaging and career bolstering events catering to a range of interests and areas of study.



Social events - sam greening

Sam is in his first year of the combined Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Sam has a passion to become the best he can, both in a professional and personal sense. He’s built up vast experience across different environments throughout his life, as such, he is well equipped to provide targeted social events that students want to attend.

Sam is excited to start his study being involved with BusCom, and is eager to apply his skills to the benefit of the Association. He is looking forward to providing greater input towards upcoming BusCom events and activities. His aim for the year is to inspire, innovate and have fun along the way, while creating professional networks and developing new opportunities.



Sports - darcy Campbell

Hi, I'm Darcy. I’m studying combined Commerce/Law, having lived in Newy my whole life. #uptheKnights. My hobbies include: studying Korean language, karaoke, rugby and shadow boxing. I've never lost a match!


International student relations - yvonne zheng

Yvonne is from the city Hangzhou in China, where the head office of Alibaba Group is located. She is in her second year of a combined Master of Business Administration/Master of Applied Finance. She loves art and music, and also likes to try everything new. She believes in the expression "understand the world, expand my world", and this underpins her motivations for working with the Board and all of BusCom.


Student relations - amy jacobs

Amy is studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting. In this role, she looks forward to working together with the rest of the BusCom Board, and is keen to maximise the opportunity to help fellow BusCom members and support their time at university. Amy loves to chat to everyone so do not hesitate to say hello if you see her around!


Local SPONSORSHIPS - Ryan Maginnity

Ryan is in his third year of a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce course, majoring in Leadership and Management, Finance and Accounting. He loves seeing how rapid the region is developing and has a passion for people, as well as socialising. Ryan is excited to explore the connections that BusCom can harness across Newcastle and the Hunter.


Events - kate picton

Kate is in her first year of Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Kate has a passion for numbers and the financial world. Kate is using her role as Director of Events to gain new friendships, knowledge and experience around the value that BusCom offers students in Newcastle. She is motivated to do this in her ambition to help make a positive difference to UoN students and to ensure all students feel they belong and can access opportunities.