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President - Daisy Jarrett

Daisy is in her fourth year of a combined Bachelor of Business, Bachelor or Commerce, majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship, and economics. She loves to travel and has already enjoyed a semester abroad in Scotland, UK, and international work placement in Singapore. Daisy wants to inspire others to make the most of their time at university, travel, make friends and networks. Don't forget to say hi if you see her on campus, there's always time for coffee!

Vice President - Brittany DorneY

Brittany is in her sixth year of a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and recently graduated from a Bachelor of Business (International Business major) earlier this year. Her current career aspirations lie in commercial law and employment disputes, but this changes frequently! Her favourite things in life are Nutella, Instagram and a delicious amaretto sour!


Treasurer - Isabella hottes

Isabella is currently in her second year of university, studying a combined degree of Laws and Business majoring in International Business. She enjoys live music as well as discovering new locations around Newcastle to appreciate. Isabella aims to create a welcoming and friendly environment at the university, so make sure to have a chat if you see her about! 



Tiffany will graduate this year with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Governance, Policy and Political Economy. Tiffany will continue the remainder of her Bachelor of Law degree and finish in 2020. Aside from studying and making multiple to-do lists, Tiffany loves to laugh and socialise with friends over a good grazing platter. Tiffany’s favourite things include dog-watching, impulsively online shopping, dreaming about her next overseas trip and hitting PB’s at the gym!


COMMUNICATIONS - Simona Gorgievski

Simona is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, majoring in marketing. If the amount she talks is anything to go by, marketing and communication is her forte. She also speaks two languages, which doubles her chances of talking. She's always up for a friendly chat so say hi if you see her around!

Professional Events - Sam neilson

Sam is a fourth year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Governance, Policy and Political Economy, Economics, and Finance. Coming to university confident, but reserved, Sam has made huge personal gains this year in travelling overseas to China and joining his first student society. Sam hopes to turn his passion for helping people and financial markets into a career in financial planning, and seeks to use his position as Director of Professional Events to help others achieve their vocational aspirations. 


Social events - sebastian Cutts-jones

Sebastian is a fourth year Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce student, doing a triple major of Finance, Economics and International Business. Sebastian has a passion for people and numbers, leading him to want to work in a corporate finance position where both passions thrive. When Sebastian isn’t studying, he loves sport and being social!  


Sports - darcy Campbell

Hi I'm Darcy. I study commerce/law at uon and have lived in newy my whole life. #uptheKnights. My hobbies include studying Korean language, karaoke, rugby and shadow boxing. I've never lost a match.


International student relations - laura yang

I’m Yuting, you can call me Laura. I like finance, though I'm not good at it. I like Tokyo, Rome and Rio de Janeiro, however, I have never been there. I love cooking, but it always smells burnt in my kitchen. You see, I’m not a cool girl. But it doesn’t matter. No matter which country you come from, Let’s be friends.


Student relations - Patrick Bishenden

Patrick is currently in his third year studying a bachelor of business, majoring in marketing and sports management. Patrick moved to Newcastle for university after living in the town of Orange, NSW. He loves all things GoPro and enjoys editing videos. After travelling to Japan and Singapore, Patrick is very keen about exploring more of the world in the future. His career aspirations include working in a professional sporting organisation. More specifically, the NRL or the Australian Rugby Union. (Patrick is also a triplet!)


Local SPONSORSHIPS - Ryan Maginnity

Ryan is in his third year of a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce course, majoring in Leadership and Management, Finance and Accounting. He loves seeing how rapid the region is developing and has a passion for people, as well as socialising. Ryan is excited to explore the connections that BusCom can harness across Newcastle and the Hunter.


Events - Elyssia Gasparotto

Elyssia has key interests in Indigenous rights, reducing inequalities and Global Peace. She was an Australian Delegate at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium and Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand. Following this, Elyssia is fulfilling the role of a Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador and will lead initiatives that promote social justice, social change and peace. As Director of Events, Elyssia will liaise with key stakeholders and ensure a fun, professional and safe environment for all.