Jordyn is currently in her third year of a Business and Information Technology Degree at the University of Newcastle. She is majoring in international business and business technology. This is her third time on board and is excited to take on the new role as president, she also loves meeting new people so if you see her around don’t be afraid to say hi. When Jordyn isn’t busy working, or studying you will find her socialising with friends (always with a few drinks in hand…).


Vice President - BRONTE LINICH

Bronte is a joint Bachelor of Business (Human Resources) and Diploma of Languages (Japanese) student in her third year at the University of Newcastle. Over the past year she has spent more time outside of Australia than in it - visiting over 20 countries whilst studying abroad in the UK. When she's not travelling you'll probably find her hanging out with friends, eating avo on toast (or planning her next trip...).



Alex is a third year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in International Business, Finance and Economics at the University of Newcastle. His current vocational interests lie within the financial sector, namely Institutional Banking and Financial Markets. He loves all things sport, having played more than ten different codes. You name it, he's played it (probably badly).




Jordana is a Bachelor of Commerce student with an accounting major. She has lived her whole life in Newcastle but loves to travel. After a semester off overseas she has returned to UoN to finish her studies and enjoy the NeWSpace (mostly its proximity to the nightlife). This is her first year on the board and she is very excited to see what BusCom can achieve over the next 12 months.


Communications - RYAN SWEENEY

Ryan is in his final year of a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management and Leadership / Entrepreneurship and Innovation. His passion lies with entrepreneurship and startup culture, and loves to be involved with with growing ideas into businesses to help people. When not studying, he’s usually designing new websites, playing guitar, taking photos of cars, or at the gym!


Professional events - GAVIN MONTGOMERY

Gavin is in his third year of study, completing a Bachelor of Business/Commerce. His majors are Economics, Finance and International Business. “Gav” used to spend his time soaking up the rays on Thai beaches and teaching travellers how to scuba dive, but now he spends his time analysing financial markets and preparing for what’s ahead. Gavin wishes to pursue his career in Asia due to his upbringing, where he spent a combined seven years living throughout China. Yeah, his Chinese isn’t too bad…but his English is better.


Social events - BRITTANY DORNEY

Brittany is a fourth year Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Law student, majoring in International Business. Her current career aspiration lies in corporate law - negotiating contracts or WHS compliance, but this changes weekly! She loves making the short trip home, up the Pacific Highway, to Buladelah when she gets the chance; skiing on the Myall Lake and planning her twin sister's upcoming wedding!


Student relations - SUMMER LECKEY

Summer is in her penultimate year of a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resources and Leadership/Management. Since earning this position amongst the BusCom board, she wishes to strengthen the relationship between the community and the students. Through helping others, a stronger networking platform can be achieved, aiding a new transition of fresh ideas, aspirations, and, with time... an innovative possibility. Because if a seed is planted, it can be harvested for later.



Courtney is currently in her second year of a combined degree of Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Law (Honours) majoring in politics. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate, a couple of cats and an episode of Game of Thrones (no spoilers). Courtney loves to make the most of her time, whether it be volunteering at the local legal centre, chilling out with friends, studying for uni or travelling the world. She aims to make her fellow student's time at university an exciting and productive experience that develops them socially and professionally for their futures, which is why she is so ecstatic to have this position on the BusCom Board. Feel free to come have a chat about anything!



Patrick is currently in his 1st year studying a bachelor of business, majoring in marketing and sports management. Patrick moved to Newcastle for university after living in the town of Orange, NSW. He loves all things GoPro and enjoys editing videos. After travelling to Japan and Singapore, Patrick is very keen about exploring more of the world in the future. His career aspirations include working in a professional sporting organisation. More specifically, the NRL or the Australian Rugby Union. (Patrick is also a triplet!)


local sponsorship - HAYDEN JONES

Hayden is a third year Combined Business and Commerce student majoring in Accounting and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Living in Nelson Bay but going to school in Newcastle for six years he has learnt the ability to sleep in uncomfortable positions (which is a great help when cramming before an exam). After three years at University it was about time to join the board and work hard to make it even better. A sucker for the latest technology and is always connected to the internet which means he never misses out on his weekly shows. In the future, he wants to graduate University, become a Charted Accountant and challenge himself by discovering what’s next.


Publications - DAISY JARRETT

Daisy is in her third year of a combined Bachelor of Business, Bachelor or Commerce, majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship, and economics. She just enjoyed five months abroad in Scotland and Europe which inspired her love of travel and new experiences. Daisy has passions in easing the progression from university to the workplace, including being an active member of the Executives' Global Network, forming the Newcastle Young Leaders Group and participating in many UoN student societies and groups. Don't forget to say hello if you see her on campus!



Viola is an international student from China in her final year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in accounting. She likes to be involved with the local community, strengthening the bilateral understandings of cross-cultures and values. In this position, Viola hope to assist more international students to get involved with local community and job opportunities so that make their overseas study lives more meaningful and colourful. She is a 100% dog lover, crazy about Corgi and Shiba Inu. When not studying, she is usually working in hospitality, hanging out with friends or watching vlogs on Youtube.