Welcome to the University of Newcastle Business and Commerce Association!

UoN BusCom is a growing not-for-profit student association with over 400 members and 14 corporate and local partnerships. An integral part of the university and broader Newcastle community, BusCom facilitates communications between its members, affiliated companies and the Newcastle Business School; through their professional, social and sporting events. The BusCom Board is comprised of thirteen individuals from domestic and international backgrounds who are currently studying a number of different majors. These incredibly awesome individuals are the people who bring these events and sporting teams to life. The association aims to enhance students’ university experience by creating long lasting friendships amongst members, as well as professional networking relationships through industry partnerships.

The BusCom Board is an extraordinary group of students, who divulge in highly technical conversations (usually over a few drinks!). We are approachable, relatable and forward thinking – exemplified through our numerous events and initiatives.

Take some time to look around our website where you’ll find our upcoming and past events, who we are, and where you can become a member.


Daisy Jarrett


University of Newcastle Business and Commerce Association


What's Coming?


We put our members in front of key industry insiders and provide tonnes of opportunities to meet high profile professionals and grow their network. 


We know how to party - our Insta-worthy social events, vineyard day trips and wild nightclub shenanigans are envied by every other association on campus. 


We’re always on the look out to help members with career opportunities and work experience. We also hold regular skill-building workshops and seminars that often feature highly successful graduates to help our members pack their résumés with the skills and experiences employers are looking for.


We're just as competitive when it comes to our sport. BusCom members take pride in the association by throwing on red, white and black and competing in social netball, touch football and soccer as well as the annual Interfaculty Sports Day.